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We take air-conditioning very seriously with a mission to elevate the industry standard and provide exceptional HVAC services.

From customer service to installation, we pride ourselves on delivering honest, professional, and reliable services for both commercial and residential customers. No matter the project, we’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and your wholehearted referral.

Go Green

Whether we’re installing a residential unit or a light commercial system, are goals is make sure your environment is comfortable, clean, and safe. Our solutions are energy efficient, which means lower energy bills for you and a lesser impact on the environment.

Our Services

We take air-conditioning very seriously, our large team of experts can help you with all your air-conditioning needs, whether it is simple preventive maintenance or installing a VRF systems.


Cooling Load Estimation


Pre Site Inspection


Heat Load Consultancy


HVAC Project Work


Fresh Air System


Supply and Installation of all type of reputed brands of Air conditioners

Comprehensive Maintainance Contracts (CMC)

We offer comprehensive maintenance contract for our clients that will take care of routine maintenance and parts failure.

Annual Maintainance Contracts (AMC)

For customers who opt for only service and not interested in coverage of spare part failure, we offer our Annual Maintenance Contract which takes care of service activities except cost of replacing spare parts/gas charging...

Installation Staff

Is comprised of qualified tradesman fully versed in Air Conditioning installation best practice, most of which have had over 10 years experience with our company.

Service Staff

Our modern in house service department operates with fully qualified AC technicians that back up our sales and installation teams after commissioning of your Air Conditioning system. Our service department also services and maintains all types of air conditioning systems throughout Maharashtra.

Brands who recognize us

The Company is recognized by leading air conditioning companies such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, OGeneral, Hitachi, Carrier, LG and industry associations as a valuable company that do quality installations.

Our Customers

Mahatma Education Society

Chembur, Panvel, Rasayani

Cadbury India Pvt Ltd


Ispat Industries Pvt Ltd

Belapur, Pen

Andhra Bank

Seawoods Branch

Pidilite Pvt Ltd


Haware Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd

Vashi, Thane

Nisarg Group Pvt Ltd


Lakshwadeep Hospital


Life Line Hospital


Hilti India Pvt Ltd

Vashi, Vileparle, Vikhroli

EGS Survey Pvt LTd

CBD Belapur

D2k Technology Pvt LTd

CBD Belapur

NMMC Hospital


Soorya Hospital


Paramount Hospital


Skinfinity Skin Care Hospital

Vashi, Bandra

Dr. Pankaj Mehta Dental Clinic


Anurag Nursing Home


Global Galleria


Go Green

Why Go-Green?

Green technologies must be money-saving technologies for them to become widespread. Green systems may cost more initially, but because they are more efficient and less expensive to operate, their life-cycle costs are lower. Cost recovery for these systems can be calculated by using energy rating systems such as the energy efficiency rating (EER). New, “green” products such as high-efficiency air conditioners, heat reclaiming hot water heat exchangers, light fixtures, and appliances must bear research and development costs and therefore do not currently have the economies of scale of their more predominant competitors. As a green certified technician, if you can demonstrate a financial and environmental justification, few consumers will not make the right, the green, choice. The goal of this program is to train the HVAC/R technician to support the building owner, with proven green money-saving techniques, thereby increasing Green Building implementations.

What is “Green HVAC/R”?

In the context of the HVAC industry, “green” means systems that are healthful to building occupants, that are energy efficient, that reduce environmental pollution and global warming, and that reduce long-term costs. Home and business owners may feel that one person can make little difference by installing a green HVAC system. For example, someone might think it is okay to change the oil in their car and pour it down the storm drain because it will not affect the vast amount of water in the world. The reality, however, is that over 30 times more motor oil is dumped by oil changes and road runoff annually than was spilled by the Exxon Valdez supertanker (source: Valerie Harms. The National Audubon Society Almanac of the Environment: The Ecology of Everyday Life, New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1994, p. 93). Leading scientists, including about 2,500 scientists from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, agree that human activity causes pollution, vanquishes species, and is linked to global warming.

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